Love you Michael. (Did anyone notice I changed the name of this post)

As I watch the media fumble in their half-hearted attempt to eulogize and harshly criticize Michael Jackson, it brought to mind the fact that they don't understand how much we love him. Not loved, past tense, but love him. Not loved him when he was 11 years old and remarkably cute. Not just when he was making us drop whatever we were doing and run to the television for a few moments of physical & spiritual melded elation.

We didn't discover he was amazing at Motown's 25th. We grew up with him. He grew into us. His music was one of the first gifts I gave to my child, because it was seminal and germane. It could in an easily palatable form impart to a small child in an aural transmission black experience and expression in ways I could never. She sings to this day. He was our brother who did what we all did in some fashion, dance, sing, show-off & show-out. He just did it a little better and somehow we were never jealous. We always felt he was doing it for us, to make us proud.

Sharing dance and impressing family is an ancient Black tradition. That was part of his magic, he gave back to us whatever bits of magic he found in us. He gave back Black love, Black dance, Black song and Black spirit. This is not a suggestion that all things culturally "Black or African American" are better than anyone else's rituals. Although they are very popular and define a lot of the worlds culture, they are merely different expressions of various amalgamated forms. Even Black love is merely a different expression of a universal energy. Black love often feels more expressive and more open. That's what we saw in Michael's dance and in his song, it was always for us.

I believe that same "Black" love expression will be on full display at the BET awards. I honestly can't stomach another media hatchet job of this man's life. I think that if only a tiny bit of the indebtedness owed to MJ shimmers through we are in for a banger! Although the some of the praise may go over the top or feel a little put on, there are so may who's careers would have no basis or backing except for the talents, tenacity and celestial timing that still is and will forever be; Michael Joe Jackson.
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