Disney's Princess & the Frog Poster

Disney gives little black girls something they've been wanting forever; a story starring a little girl princess made in their own likeness. This will be a great addition to the Disney vaults and make a lot of ebullient brown babies. It would have been interesting to see Kasi Lemmons, Suzanne DePasse, Tyler Perry or Spike Lee fill this void first. But I guess they were busy and it's not really their magical dancing cup of tea. So I guess it was really up to me to get my version out first.

My little black princess animated story involves an overgrown boy dressed like a girl. Her name is Princess Mabea. (S)He's a foul-mouthed, gun-totting, lovable little trouble-maker. Mabea always shows up at family reunions, cook-outs & funerals. There she finds a veritable buffet of stereotypical characters which he/she inevitably finds alt with and from there mad-capped hilarity ensues. Our lovable little pig-tail tressed Mabea is incorrigible and can't seem to stop her little ten year old self from getting in everyone's business and "bussin' caps" in asses and running from the "po-po!"

Ribbitted from Prostituted Thoughts.
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