'Precious' Movie Teaser Poster

Once again a movie teaser poster associated with a Tyler Perry associated film makes me smile. There is a lot of great thinking going on the design of these posters. But actually when I think about it and really break down the imagery it's powerfully moving. The over all visage of the young woman is cracked, damaged and torn. As if it were made of something hard but brittle and almost perfectly & purposely shattered to satisfy some other hurt. Note the figure ground reversal that the crack emanates from, it forms a hand as if to say someone's touch was the epicenter of all this damage. It's so simple and so profound all at once. The poster makes such a massive statement about so many lives in Black America and as well as the entire world. Deep... now I done gone and made tears fall in my keyboard.

The Director Lee Daniels, cast and crew rip it. See the keyboard damaging movie trailer here.

The poster looks to be very much inspired by this Saul Bass classic design for the 'Anatomy of a Murder,' the Otto Preminger film. Which also in turn inspired the Spike Lee movie 'Clockers' poster? For which the famed designer threatened to sue.
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