Black Ad Creator Series Part IV: Rodney White

I met Rodney White in 1996 while I was going back to school to learn how to turn on a computer so I wouldn't have to design by hand... like an animal. This kid was good from day one. Scary good, good like everyone else in his class was stuck on constant suck. Not that they were bad, he was that good.

A few years out of school I had the opportunity to bring him on at an agency like the one in Eddie Murphy's movie "Boomerang." The place was loaded with handsome young & highly capable black professionals. Even in this ebon pool of burgeoning greatness, dude still managed to stick out, with his quirky sense of humor, rapid pace affectionate laugh & a penchant for pitch perfect idea interpretation. Give Rodney one night and he can bring in three different concepts for one client, completely comped and presentation ready. Not to mention, everybody else may have gotten a good night's rest. Because his concepts were probably gonna smack your b*tch-ass concept and help you redefine the depths of hackneyed-titude.

Roc is also a fine artist of some note. You may have a piece of his work in your home as it is distributed nationally in Target stores as well as other fine retailers (no joke).

Oh, did I mention he has his share of agency viagra; One Show Gold, Addy Gold & Cannes Gold Lion.

You gotta admit this is some of the stickiest advertising work out there. We all remember a lot of this work. What more could advertising ask.

So what young African American brother is rocking the shit out of the Addus Quo with one hand tied to his paint brush...
Oh IDK... My BFF Rod.

Good hat.
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