Survey: Recession or not, black women continue to make their hair a priority

By Nicole Hardesty
The Louisiana Weekly
(February 16, 2009) We all saw her at the Inauguration, and even on Election Day, Michelle Obama's healthy flowing locks have inspired black women across the country to step their hair care game up. Since the days of Madam C.J Walker, black hair care has been a priority among African-American women and a lot of consideration has gone into choosing the right hair care experts.

According to a survey conducted by Design Essentials, majority of African-American women base their salon and stylist choice on trust, cost and time consumption. With the recent state of the economy, affordable hair care is harder to find but women have stayed committed to their hair regimen.

Wow, black hair care could/should have it's own history month. Maybe it hasn't been emancipated yet???

More of the nappy headed truth here.
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