(OLD SCHOOL)Art Director Wisdom.

Art Director Wisdom #1: People only say "Great idea" if you execute it flawlessly.

Art Director Wisdom #2: He who doesn't put the marker cap on properly is an evil, evil, person.

Art Director Wisdom #3: There are no bad fonts, there is only bad typography.

Art Director Wisdom #4: Even the best copywriter you've ever worked with, can't find a way to explain what you really do to your mom.

Art Director Wisdom #5: The x-acto knife is not a toothpick

Art director Wisdom #6: Spraymount can be used as hairspray and removed with olive oil or conditioner, despite what cw @caff thinks.

Art Director Wisdom #7: Keeping your burnisher collection in a pen jar drives your copywriter crazy. fun!

Art Director Wisdom #8: Permanent ink stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol or nailpolish remover.

Art Director Wisdom #9: SuperGlue is the best band-aid for deep bleeding paper cuts when you need to keep blood off your bristol board.

Art Director Wisdom #10: Design the whole ad from the ugliest thing in it. Usually, that's the logo.

Art Director Wisdom #11: Make logo 30% smaller than you want. When client wants it bigger, enlarge 10%. Repeat 3 times. They never ask 4 times

Art Director Wisdom #12: The punter can never love the line if they can't read it.

Art Director Wisdom #13: Wax gets in your eyes, hair and everywhere except the back of the galley. (Young adpups will not get this)

Art Director Wisdom #14: If fellow AD lets you touch their markers, place them back in holder in exactly the color order you found them in.

Art Director Wisdom #15: "Don't bleed on the boards!" when co-worker slices finger off is not insensitive, it's being helpful.

Art Director Wisdom #16: Everyone in the world can read 5pt if it's on the right paper.

Art Director Wisdom #17: It's not about making it simple, it's about how you make it simple.

Art Director Wisdom #18: If copywriter ever calls you a wrist, always refer to them as "the textguy" from then on.

Art Director Wisdom #19: People never read the copy unless it's Lorem Ipsum

Art Director Wisdom #20: Fonts are like voices. Saddam Hussein speaks in Futura Extra Bold Condensed, all caps.

If you get these you're pretty old school, the most current reference here is about Saddam and dudes been gone for a minute.

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