AT&T: Twenty Eight Days

Sanders Wingo puts together a new way to think about Black History Month on a FaceBook page. Twenty Eight Days of re-invention. You can see a cool motion graphic piece about it here.

"The wirelesss company has recently launched a microsite on Facebook called Twenty-Eight Days, which is aimed at inspiring African Americans. The site encourages users to share inspirational quotes, whether taken from historical figures or their own thoughts and ideas. The premise of Twenty-Eight Days, according to AT&T, is to shift thinking around Black History Month away from primarily serving as a time to reflect on history and more toward becoming a moment in time to look ahead.

“Black History Month is traditionally a time for looking back,” reads the site. “But what if we used every single day of this month to shape tomorrow? Don’t let a day go by without finding and sharing inspiration, empowerment and motivation.”

Sanders Wingo

Special Thanks + Shouts to O.C.!
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