The Origin of the "O"

The role of graphic design, masterfully crafted and well maintained imagery play an unforgettable role in the Obama candidacy. There was quite a bit of speculation within the design community early on as to who created the the Obama logo. The cat's out of the bag now it was the design agency Sender LLC. This design has to be one of the most famous marks in recent history. It's sharp rise as the halcyon mark of our times is nothing short of brilliant. The logo took on a life of it's own. Even with the tight handed control of Obama's brand managers, the people couldn't get enough of the concept this elegant hoop embodied. The public exuberance, in stark contrast to the branding, led to an outpouring of unauthorized and even hand-crafted reproductions. In spite of the absence of graphic standards the logo was so well designed and it's symbolism so authentic it was never rendered unrecognizable or less potent. Even when done by a child, in crayon or on a donut.

That's some hellified branding!

More on the "O-thology" here.

Sender, LLC.
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