Kids Company: Produces poor product

For years in advertising, charities have always been a way for agencies to win awards. This is widely known/suspected amongst General Market agencies. The practice of approaching companies/charities with little or no budget and little or no interest in advertising for selfish gains is a dirty secret in the industry. The premise is; we will give you advertising for practically free but, we get to do any damn thing we want to. They usually go for shock value and ignore the intended audiences or the opportunity to truly help someone. The work is aimed directly at the award judges. All of the design du jour is employed to make it into a design/advertising annual and to garner the title award winning. This campaign seems to suffer from this kind of thinking.

The imagery and the copy is appalling! Poor choices abound.
The whole concept here seems to be these kids are bad! You should be afraid, but let's not put them all in jail. One of these ads actually shows a brain scan of a shriveled up inferior looking brain!!! WTMF!!!
Or simply to scare the sh*t out of white people by offering up young black people. Somewhere in here is a iota of intent to "help", but I can't find it. I can't get through the hate and see the hope. Makes me want to deliver a six pack of eye punch.

Art direction/ design: Paul Cohen.
Copy writer: Mark Fairbanks.
Photography: Thom Atkinson
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