Adidas: Haile Gbrselaissie

Here's some insight from the campaign creators: "'Shoes designed not to be noticed.' This was the basic idea behind the fall/winter '08 running campaign. We arrived at this because we hit on the truth that you really only notice your running shoes when they feel bad."

"But when they feel good, rather than notice them, you notice other things. Yes, you notice your surrounds, but you also notice you.

You notice your breathing, your hard-working muscles, your mind that's been allowed to wander.

You notice you're running further.

You notice you're actually enjoying running!

You notice that all of a sudden achieving your impossible is in fact, anything but."

This is how the 180 team was able to hone down to the purity of this campaign and deliver an unfettered message. The ads speak from an intimate place that only runners truly understand and appreciate.

These were sent by Jessica at 180 in Amsterdam. It's more from the moving and thoughtful Olympics campaign. I must say I'm a little amiss here. I have never heard of Haile Gbrselaissie. Even so in the TV spot they quickly transfer a sense of who he is and his total resolve to his life's pursuit. Well done 180!

180 Amsterdam
Now if I could just get Jessica to send me some names to credit here, my life's pursuit would be total.

Update: Got the credits, they read like the credits at the end of a major motion picture (so here is the short film version).

Client adidas International
Kieran Riley Global Brand Communications Director

Agency: 180 Amsterdam (180\TBWA)
Richard Bullock Executive Creative Director
Paulo Martins Associate Creative Director
Carlos Furnari Associate Creative Director
James Sadler Art Director
Paulo Martins Art Director
Carlos Furnari Copywriter
Emile Wilmar Graphic Designer

Thanks Jessica!
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