Baby Phat Farm Ultra Lux

The Simmons conglomerate U.S. Hip Hop megalomaniacal corp has been going all super uppity hyper luxury on us for some time now. This latest effort is no different. This was a great angle perfected by Diddy and others in the late 90's. It began to wane in the mid 2000's due to the punch of (post grunge) deep Hip Hop fashion. Of late the economy has drained the few remaining dollars out of the fake rich fashion set. The slick photography and trademark quasi-editorial style of this campaign may have lost some of it's influence but, it's a classic cliche that will always return to vogue. Americans will always want to appear richer than they are. So as soon as we get through this government sponsored wealth/power grab ass session and the trickle down economics resumes, we will once again shop like there's no tomorrow and the Simmons, well, their rich asses will be waiting for us on the other side of this recession with rhinestone labeled garb just your size.
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