The Pursuit of (Cool): Coltrane Curtis

Coltrane Curtis, most recently known as the managing partner of New York-based media company Epiphany, is the latest to be chronicled in R+I Creative’s The Pursuit of (Cool) series. This latest video focuses on Coltrane’s fashion influences from the world of jazz. He speaks about why people like Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis and Mos Def have been so influential to his own personal style. It’s quite refreshing to see a taste maker talk truthfully about what has molded him as a person. Check it out above!



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Anonymous said...

Mos Def is "fly" and I've always thought so. Its not just what you wear it's the way your spirit fills the garnments.

I spotted Mos shoppin in footlocker in Camden Town, London. Such an approachable gentleman with a Supa Swagga strait from the hood or "ends" as we say in the UK.

It may sound laughable but Snoop also has that [cool].
I ask: Who is the man that can rock a tartan flat cap with gold chains and silky varsity jacket complete with plats? Snoop.
Who has a 'fuc you' confidence that makes pigtails on a 6 foot 5 grown ass man look plausible? Snoop.

I feel an Isaac Hayes, Shaft inspired song commin on, all about snoop's west coast rude bwoy/dowg style!

I thought about who else has that [cool] male or female but could think of no one else. celebs buy a total style from a stylist who themselves, rather than go with a feelin and experiment, usually get it via prescription from milan, london or paris.

Not only is [COOL] is really don't care.

italy, Jamaica, france, america, London's east-end and japan: all represent hugely influential cool.