Brand Slang

Brand Gag:
verb, when your company does something so great or so dumb, so ingenius or so asinine, the public can't swallow it or they choke and retch on it. 

Just like new Coke did when they took a classic and made it more "fruity" for some unknown reason. Or the recent tropicana redesign that got Mommy bloggers all frothy and sent Tropcana back to the future. But this latest Gap-tastrophe does two things;
1. It cements the trend 
2. Emboldens the public. 
Now the internuts certainly realizes the power it can wield. There have been lots of other positive trends and helpful causes poured out by keyboard wielding avengers, like water conservation and others. The power is at hand. It seems there is more blood in the water than ever, It took all of a week for a company as powerful as the Gap to back off it's plans for a brand revamp due to a very public outcry. People will be mad with power. It's power they/we've had all along but were too pleased with the latest khakis to flex it.

I still maintain this may have all been an elaborate ruse to help with a slump in the denim market. And to that I say. "Well played, Mister Gap, well played." Because everyone is shouting their name. And we all know that bad press is synonymous with good press which equals yet another corporate controlled, well timed and masterfully manipulated "Public Outcry."

Dammit, did we all just fall into the Gap?



shaun. said...

there's a slump in the denim market?

probably because jeans are too expensive.

Craig said...

shaun, It was really more of a reference to the over all economy. Folks is broke.