MultiCultClassics on Metro PCS ads

From the venerable MultiCultClassics

Here’s a delayed follow-up to the MetroPCS debacle from last month.

As it turns out, the Tech & Talk campaign featuring culturally clueless stereotypes is the work of The Richards Group in Dallas. This is the same White agency that swiped the Latino portion of The Home Depot account, using its small department of minorities to 

cheat beat out major multicultural shops.

The Richards Group website boasts about a culture where people are scrambled, intermingled and not segregated. However, the leadership photos appear to be predominately White and male.

The MetroPCS commercials certainly show the level of sensitivity and expertise The Richards Group can bring to non-White advertising. Look forward to telenovela parodies and soccer-infused imagery for The Home Depot. And don’t be surprised if General Motors taps the Texas firm to cover some Black assignments too.

Hey, diversity is cool when Whites want to play in the multicultural arena. Not so much when colored folks seek to infiltrate the general market world.

I just have to add if those were Black characters we would be through the roof. What makes the advertisers think this buffoonery is acceptable?

From the always informative MultiCultClassics

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