Renutrients: Chrisette Michelle Video (Product placement)

This new vid by Chrisette Michelle has almost the perfect amount of product placement. You know that ubiquitous practice of name brands wallpapering every inch of every little thing marketers think their audience may come remotely in contact with. In this video Chrisette looks like that kinda sorta punk girl you never understood but later found out she was incredibly cool and was smuggling mad talent under that cocked crooked coif. The director must have either tied the brand manager up with soft pink & green duct tape (what up Brenda) or she was out sick that day. Because somehow the DP manage to maintain a little creative control. He/she actually shot the package kinda edgy and blurry, off kilter, in the background and even with the label turned away at times. Kudos! A welcome rarity and surprise in African American marketing. Full disclosure: My company culture advertising design (we do creative direction and graphic design)had a lot to do with designing the package so I was happy to see it subtly featured here.

Seen at Shaun's Mind Brothel he calls Prostituted Thought. (He should call it pensive pimpin')


shaun. said...

her hair does look great.

Craig said...

That's how I wear my hair now. Dude I need to give you credit here.

Ego Trippin said...

What is up with many hip-hop and R&B music videos not getting clearance on brands, causing a distracting blur / pixellation over logos?

It just makes blacks look like they can't get their shit together. (Regardless of whether blacks were responsible.)