Adverve: (Kick-Ass) Interview with Hadji Williams

Over at Make The Logo Bigger Bill Green and Angela Natividad of AdRants have an incredible interview with Hadji Williams that pretty much lays the advertising industry's guts out on the table for all to see. Yes, they are cancerous and rancid guts, but through their funny but serious autopsy of things you can almost hear (see, smell?) a glimmer of hope. Not necessarily hope in anything that the industry is currently doing but in the way these three can be so honest in their assessment of the state of affairs.

I was most amazed at how adult the conversation was. Not that these three aren't more than capable of that kind of conversation, it's just that most often the discussion around race/gender politics in advertising is the most juvenile and insincere bunch of mumbo-jumbo you ever want to hear. They actually manage to talk about race while jokingly injecting at just the proper tone a few not politically correct jokes. That's the kind of thing I love, a moment to deflate the situation and allow the tension to air out. It's because unlike many other talks on this subject the three were fearless, secure and smart. So they could laugh a bit while digging ever deeper. Although there seemed to be a little nervous laughter at times, it in no way hindered the power and the candor of their discussion. It's a long (read epic, lord of the rings length) discussion but there are no wasted moments. This tough discourse is how we can begin to get things changed in the advertising arena. This is a decisive conversation, this type of discussion is indicative of progress. So if you have the time at home the headphones or earbuds while your at work, I would really suggest you give it an ear.

Unclog your ears and your brain here.

This interview is the kind of thing that should win an Adcolor Award! (just a suggestion)


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I'm urban.nope. I'm "Black-burban®"