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A film for anyone that's looked suicide in the face and lived to tell the story. A mind-bending, spiritual experience on a bridge

The Jump Film: Shooting March 2013

An artistic response to the events of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Colorado shootings, the Christopher Dorner shootings and all the tragic events that surround around people with unmet mental health needs. On the other hand, this is a voice for all people that just need to talk but won't because of the stigma or lack of access.

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Thanks for checking out our project! We're humbled by the responses that we've received in creating this very important project.

JUMP is a short film.
JUMP is a movement.
What happens in the Jump story?

Jump is the story of Ed, a normal guy struggling with average problems. When Ed decides he can’t live with himself any longer, he goes to jump off a bridge. But in the act, he realizes he is not one man - he is two. He is the man that wants to die and the man that wants to kill him. His thoughts appear in the form of a man named THOUGHT. These two men have a conversation on the bridge battling out his fate.
An allegory for our common human experience.

This film takes place in the moment before a man jumps off a bridge. But the man, the bridge, the circumstances and even the suicidal thoughts are just an allegory for our common human experience with hardship, depression and the need to talk to somebody about our deepest thoughts.

The moment before a person jumps is an extremely intense and intimate moment. It's when your thoughts are louder than your reality. You come face-to-face with your existence, your fears, your life, your sorrows and what it would really cost to let them all go. It is also a spiritual moment, as you look face to face with God and wrestle with your existence.

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