Intel & Microsoft Launch new Kinect Game w/ Amusement Park Ent.

Intel launched Discovered, an interactive gaming experience powered by Kinect for Xbox 360 and Intel-inspired Ultrabooks. Discovered, inspired by Intel, blends an original live film with Kinect gameplay which allows users to: punch, kick, jump and more as a co-star in an action film with Chris Evans, keep the crowd hyped by mixing, dancing & crowd surfing with Redfoo, and own the red carpet, win fans and dazzle the paparazzi with Chanel Iman.

The Ultrabooks may be powered by Intel but the creative thinking comes from the brilliant brain trust that is Amusement Park Entertainment (My future place of employ... yop). This Jimmy Smith led venture harkens a new day in what I call ultracultural© marketing. As a team they've been creating branded entertainment in some form or another for years. Not they have free reign to do damn near anything. I'm excited watch this unfold.This is one of Amusement Park's early forays into this new world of branded entertainment. And if this is just the beginning... the future looks blindingly bright.

Visit the future here:


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