2012 ADCOLOR Awards PSA: Color Adds Depth: Questlove

AdColor gets it in this year. In 3D I might add. This piece features a hot little diddy by ?uesto of the Roots. A few other big name celebs bring there support as well. This is pretty juicy looking and feeling content for this years promo flow. If this is what their bringing — I say more please.

The still, motion, and sound teams all came together to produce three motion pieces and five still shoots with news-anchor Soledad O’Brian, actor/dancer Harry Shum Jr., clarinetist Charlie Gabriel,  and transgender activist Janet Mock. 

The campaign images are being used to bring attention to AdColor and will be featured at their their annual AdColor Awards. This year’s awards are October 18-20th in Las Vegas(  AdColor aims to highlight the accomplishments of professionals who have championed diversity in the advertising, marketing, media and public relations industries. 

Photographer/Director: Mark Zibert 
Production: Joel Todaro, Sons and Daughters
Editor: Mark Paiva - Poster Boy 
VFX: Sean Cochrane - The Vanity 
Sound: Keith Reynaud - Heard City 
Created by: TBWA/Chiat/Day NY
Art Buyer: Julia Menassa
Creatives: Isabella Castano and Ani Munoz


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Slick! So very slick! "Cool" as an adjective just can't convey the whole feel of your company/work/gifting...

Since your comments are moderated, pls allow my copy edit hat to pop on... Your there/their/they're 's in paragraph 1 need a look.
Sorry. Think I'm OCD about typos.
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