Poor Cuba, from Oscar direct to DVD to Groupon

Cuba Gooding Jr is a damn fine actor. But lately he's doing anything to be shown the money. Only in America can you go from cooning and break dancing on the Oscar's stage to straight to DVD-not good enough for the theaters movie releases in less than a year. But it would seem the disgruntled down on his luck cop schtick isn't enough to pay the bills. So he jumps aboard the Groupon discount drivel train to TV commercial hell? A brother's gotta get paid right? Wrong, what a disastrous piece of crap. People really give a care about things like whales and Tibet. We couldn't show you where Tibet is on a map or what's really going on there, but dammit we care. I have unceremoniously unsubscribed my Groupon account and pray the sushi bar down the street doesn't finally offer $35 worth of crab rangoon for $17.50, because my protest has limits. Also here's to hoping Jerry McGuire 2 bypasses Blockbuster all together and goes straight to RedBox!

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