Industry Trend: American Renaissance

Every two to three months or so the advertising industry falls into a deep rut. Some would call it a trend, I would call it straight jacking. This time however it appears to be more of a necessity. As the economy rebounds with six straight quarters of growth going into the seventh Americans are beginning to dust themselves off and get back to work. And we'd be damned if marketers weren't in line to catch some of that spare change we tend to toss around when we get a few loose bucks. The best way to do that right about now is through good old fashioned American pride. If you make American's feel good enough about themselves and then tie your product into the heart of that manufactured ecstasy, well you've really got your self something. Here's a few of the flag-wavin'- steel-millin' - heartland saluting commercials to come out lately and tap that red, white and blue ass.

See a few more after the bump.

Did I miss any? Let Me know.
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