Should MLK be commercialized?

While watching TV this weekend I saw a TV spot that reference a sale they were having over the MLK weekend. But they cleverly made reference to the holiday but never went so far as to call it a "MLK SALE." The company that did it is irrelevant in this instance, although I'm sure somebody or two raised out of their lazy-boy this weekend to pitch a cross side-eye at the 50 inch flat-screen.
Some companies like KMart jumped in with both barrels blazing  and offered up this lovely marketing assault below.
 That's right a sale! A full blown online sale... Is it wrong? Is it just in poor taste? Why is it different from President's Day Sales?

MLK sales have been growing in prominence for years and we've seen it only get tackier. I think it's about as tacky as a Gandhi White sale or a Mother Teresa buy one get one free promo personally. But it is really so wrong in scope of American capitalism? Is there a place commerce shouldn't go to promote itself?
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