Comedy Central changes logo. Viewers still await return of Chappelle

Comedy Central has a new logo and a pseudo-panic ensues. Frankly who cares? Who are these people pretending to have really cared about that old logo. Which by the way, is not in this post intentionally. Because I wanted to you to close your eyes and try and remember what it looked like. Yeah it was in the vid above, but I guarantee you probably still can't fathom it. It's time to stop with the fake brand revolts. Did we really drink minute maid orange juice for its logo? I seriously doubt it. Did the new Pepsi logo cause a notable decrease in the earth's rotation velocity? Well, maybe, but that's one funny logo. But we got over it and life goes on.
But on to more pressing issues; where the hell is Dave Chappelle? I miss the side splitting laughter this man brought us nightly. Not that I don't enjoy the cute 'oh that was clever' chuckles I get from John Stewart. But C'mon thems just jokes. The brother on that network elevated comedy and created idioms. Like, "I'm Rick James... " & I'm Rich Bi... ,"I still wanna see black folks do that in advertising. I think the last person to do that Charles Stone III with them "Whassup" Bud ads.

Did Dave design this logo as a little get-back on Comedy Central? Maybe it's not a 'c" inside a "C" at all. Maybe, just, maybe it's a "D" with a little "c" inside. Oh, Dave... you kidder, good one buddy.

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