Toshiba makes T-Pain look ignorant (or vice versa?)

OK so the richest guy in the room -- is the dumbest guy in the room? In America today that is very well possible, unless you equate money with smarts. Then T-Pain's auto-tuned genius is like printing money. It was a few short years ago anyway. But the brilliant lackeys all around him can create innovations from T-Pains sloppy seconds? He's better than he knows.
Look out everybody the lovable, laughable, brutish, black man oaf is back. Not since Step'n Fetchit have we seen the likes of Hip Hop's new portrayal of buffoonery. Wasn't there an opportunity in this commercial to do a little more than a celebrity endorsement. This is more like a reverse celebrity endorsement. Opportunity maximized! I guess. It's ok to dress the black man up as a funny guy, really it is, just get the other end of the spectrum right first. There's a lack of balance missing here. Dell used a hip hopper, Dr. Dre, to actually enhance its products as well promote its brand. What score for the marketing team. This spot just goes for the low-hanging fruit of "black guy = funny," that took some research.

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