Hitler writes posthumous letter to African Ad student

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To get admission into Miami Ad School Hamburg Germany in 2010, Babatunde Adebola a Young Lion and copywriter from DDB Lagos Nigeria went as far as getting a letter from Adolf Hitler to Niklas Frings Rupp (the D and AD best tutor in the world). He got what he wanted plus the priced Lurzer archive scholarship!

I'm ver y happy for Mr. Adebola, he was able get the quintessential racist to vouch for him to get into the ad school of his choice. This is what it takes to get into advertising today? I thought it was tough in the States. I guess Photoshop heals all wounds.

DDB, Lagos, Nigeria
Creative Director: Ola Olowu
Art Director: Ade Ideen
Copywriter: Babatunde Adebola
Illustrator: Ola Olowu

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