And what Bojangles knows is that black people can't make it through anything without a chicken break... hold on. Let me just finish off this two-piece combo I was downing when I saw this. *smack-umm-yum* OK, that's better, my keyboard is a lil greasy but none worse for the ware. One of the most heralded agencies around Boone-Oakley dropped this ad into the chicken grease and serves it up as a hot-crispy-mess! I can't say I don't understand the back slide from greatness, have you seen the floor in a chicken shack lately? But this same some does brilliant work that usually involves more mental elbow grease and less... well I won't go there again, I think you get the point. But what the hell? After a mad chicken dash the team dumps iced-tea on the coach? Or was that oil, someone said it was gravy? At any rate, it was a big bucket of wrong! Deep fried BS, I know I said no more chicken grease jokes, but I slipped.

This industry says it's moving to an all inclusive multi-cultural model, but we are far from there. Diversity Now Dammit!


Thanks PF for hipping my to the hypocrisy
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