Watch the Pursuit of Passion

The film really is engaging. I think it is very inspirational and will encourage young people to take a first or maybe second look at the advertising industry. The insights into the ad world are priceless and I was even inspired by lot of what was said. Did you note there was like three (3) senior level creatives of color at TBWA! (What is Lee Clow doing to the industry, I like it!) They found a pretty great group of talent to speak to and they all delivered nuggets of addy markety goodness for the neophytes to bite deeply into.

The film also has it's detractors (sometimes me), who feel the industry in a large part overlooks existing talent and ethnic talent of the past. That talent has been mostly relegated to ethnic work only or pushed out of advertising all together. Now, of course this film can't be all things to all people, but that is a true and legitimate issue.

For now I'll keep the focus on what the film is attempting to do; inspire young hearts & minds. For that task I believe it gets a 10+! I wanted to run out and get an advertising job and so will many youngsters. I just hope the industry is ready to accept (not assimilate) the new talents, cultures, hearts & minds that are probably very different and even scary to some who are not accustomed to them. There are kids on the street right now that could put the best of advertising luminaries to shame and probably will someday.

The film is 22 minutes and 34 seconds long, it is worth every second.

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