In Africa size is not an issue

Unless you're discussing the size of the continent itself, size it's not a big topic in the motherland of us all. But the land mass itself is most often inaccurately portrayed. I've heard black people complain about this for years. I always thought to myself, "zealots." That was before my obligatory 'Afrocentric' phase in college. (Every black guy has one, some last longer than others and some are more repressed, but a common phase) That's when I learned more about my Africaness and the continent than Kunta Kente himself. Since then the fervor, angst & militancy has subsided somewhat, but the love of the lore and facts lives on. So when I saw this wonderful graphic it just makes the importance of the land that much more relevant to me and you. This mother(land) of all infographics is exemplary of the knowledge the world needs about itself. See the big giant mother-graphic after the jump.

click to enlarge.
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