Antoine Dodson; Pitchman

How do you turn a near rape into business opportunity? Well, obviously, you cast aside any semblance of real concern for what happened, channel your inner Billy Mays and you ride the wave of American infamy all the way to the bank. Years ago Don King was famous for always saying, "only in America" and we balked every time he said it. Don King, in many ways, is a visionary, but he never saw the likes of an Antoine Dodson rising in the midst. This amazing dynamic system of media, sycophantic personality disorders and the elusive line between good and bad publicity have created a maelstrom of public produced and derailed train wrecks. And we can't stop watching.  As intriguing as it all is, sometimes, it's best to just turn away. Get your money Antoine, get up out of a bad situation -- by any means necessary.

h/t Ill Mami

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