It's official: Light-skin is Back!!!

The former president of light skin has returned to reign once again. With Wesley Snipe on a downward spiral and Morris Chestnut on the Tyler Perry track, it's only a matter of time before we see Al B. Sure haunting us again. But, Al B. Sure's son has been sighted on the lurk.

White friends: This is a running joke in the black community of a perceived difference between skin colors. It used to be a more tense situation but it has devolved into the realm of humor and common hilarity. If any inter-racial discord or violence were to ensue you would have been instructed where to go and how to conduct yourselves as to not be mistaken as a light-skinned African American.

No actual light-skinned people were harmed in the making of this magazine cover.



shaun. said...

laminated cards.

Clifton Simmons said...

LMAO man

Craig Brimm said...

Shaun this cover is the card.

The Audacity of Color said...

Cotdamn! I knew this day would come. I was just hoping that I wouldn't be alive to see it.

Ah well, we of the darker hue had a good run over the last 10 years. lol

Stan said...

ROTFLMBAO@The Audacity of Color!
I was so glad that he looked and sounded great on the BET awards.

That said, we must not let the snake of lightskined-ness rise again!

Brothers of Snipes, we must remain vigilant, and prevent him from awakening and inspiring any other lightskinded men to unite, such as Shemar Moore, Boris Kojoe , and Carlos Boozer.

Like some of you I grew up under the tyranny of lightskinned-ness, during the Debarge years, and I struggled under the Al B Sure late nineties. I cannot fight this fight again in the new millennium.

Thank you sirs!