Is anybody Pinging?

...Or is Apple's new social network just sorta inept? I've opened it up and tried it about 2.5 times so I can say my research has been feeble at best. There seems to be no easily understandable entry point, no emersion access to really get you ears dirty from the musical orgy I expected. The question I keep coming up with is WTF am I supposed to be doing here? It only references the music I purchased from iTunes I think, even that I'm not sure of. If that is true those 400+ songs of mine represent about 1% of my music collection. Also I have more than one person on my account, it only allows one of us to be the name on the account. But it lacks connections to other more established and widely use social networking sites. Ping could care less about acknowledging others let alone playing well with them. Let's hope Jobsy and the friends at Apple open up the playground just a little bit more.

Who, what. why is Ping?

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