Social Media Strategy Lessons From Pepsi

written by Alyson Shontell

With millions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, Pepsi is one of the few big corporations who have a good handle on social media. talked with Bonin Bough, Global Director of Digital and Social Media for PepsiCo, to uncover the company's secrets. Bonin believes the biggest social media challenge for businesses is embracing innovation. "Social media doesn't have to be a conversation," he says. "It could be a sweepstakes exclusive to the Twitter community or a contest only for Facebook participants." "The real [Pepsi social media goal] was less about what's the big strategy? and more about what are the small wins? How do we prove ourselves internally to the organization that these are viable platforms, and then prove successes [within the communities]?" Scaling social communities is also a challenge. It takes a lot of work and media dollars. "I think [scaling users] is an interesting combination between using media dollars/techniques that are going to get you well as finding what the right participation in that community is," he says. According to Bonin, the social space is still one big experiment, but a lot can be learned from early pioneers like Guy Kawasaki.

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