GH does GM like OMG

OMG as in Ostensibly Made Great, they took it to the hoop by doing both General Market and African American advertising. GlobalHue picks up on the no-look pass from The Martin Agency's general market work for Wal-Mart. That's like Larry Bird putting in the hands of Magic because GH was able to seamlessly lay it up for the score. OK, so Bird and Magic never played on the same team, but it's my throw-back fantasy league dream roster, if you don't mind. But here the two shops prove yet again that the industry players can play well together. I actually remember watching the Martin spot on TV and thinking could an AA shop match that sentiment? No, not because I'm obsessive compulsive black advertising addicted or anything, well actually I think that is why. But the Global gang got on par in very
short order.

See the rest of the GH spots and the original Martin Agency version after the jump.

Martin Agency Wal-Mart Commercial

I did notice the Martin gang's spot created a little more tension by having the mother having to let her child go off to school, which introduces just a tinge of the separation anxiety parents all relate to and ultimately feeds into a sentimental pay-off. While the parents in the GH spots show up at the schools and on the bus creating just a smidgen of unnatural space time. But only I would notice and care about infinitesimal details such as that -- as I repeatedly flipped the lights on & off while feeling a terrible urge to wash my hands (Black ad OCD reference). I say good work all around, it's not easy pacing with them Martin folks.

GlobalHue Wal-Mart Commercial 'Pop-Quiz'

GlobalHue Wal-Mart Commercial 'Election'

ECD: Vida  'The Magnificent' Cornelious
Tiffani Joseph and Dena 'The Lovely' Jackson
Agency Producer: Lisa Bryant
Group Account Director: Jamila Carrington-Smith
Account Team: Thomas Houston, Nigel James

Additional credit goes to the almost overlooked
(because their brilliance is effortless) team members on the
more than a sandwich commercial
Art Director: Marcina Mills
Copywriter: Nicole Reed

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