Dawn Okoro: Selfsploitation

"Selfsploitation" delves into the psychology of sending sexually suggestive photos of one's self by cellphone or posting them on social websites. The project includes drawings, an essay, and a survey conducted on the artist's blog.

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Each drawing is colored pencil and watercolor on paper.
With the advent of social networking websites people have a medium to express themselves to a wider audience. All it takes is a digital camera, a computer, or a cell phone that has both. Although this behavior was seemingly common place by the early 2000's it was gaining more attention in the media. Celebrity nude cell phone photos were leaked to the public, and some would-be celebrities were able to capitalize off the exposure of what they claimed to be private sex photos and videos. After coming across so many of these sexualized images on social networking sites and hearing about related controversies in the news, I became intrigued and had many questions about this behavior-- especially as it pertained to women. To facilitate my understanding, I created the "Selfsploitation" project which is composed of research, an informal survey, drawings, and this essay.
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