Diggy has Big Shoe

The Simmons family has been on the path of becoming a Dynasty for over 30 years now. To see the nurture/education/environment (and bank roll) they have put behind the next generation of baby moguls, they have firmly secured that moniker. His big Sissy's spun off into their own show that spawned a fashion shoe tour de force along with his many other family fortunes. Now enter the Diggy domination phase. Sanders\Wingo scoops in to smartly capitalize on the next big thing before the next big thang. Like Sand-Wing used Isaiah Mustafah before he hits the big screen with Tyler Perry or maybe as PowerMan (S\W -- always a trendsetter never the trend). Now watch a few months to a year from now this kid will be bigger than Antoine Dodson and the world should note S\W was there bringing in the early star-power making the little fellow look as iconic as his pre-ordained potential.

Look at the cinematography.

Who shot that! C'mon Shan, Scott -- Share!

(I guess we'll never know, *eyes roll upward* sigh.)
Greg Rogers is ad
Corey Seaton is cw/acd
Tynesha Williams is cd
Seng Rimpakone is our producer
shot by Maurice Marable for Believe Media
cut by the fabulous Kimberle Salter

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