The man PowerMan could look like! (Luke Cage baby?)

Isaiah aint Luke Cage just yet, but he's coming pretty dang close thanks to a couple photography & post-production mega-gurus who pay attention to every f'n raindrop. I don't quite know if they share Isaiah's passion for Power(man), but this talented crew crafted a pretty damn convincing first look of the man PowerMan could look like. Isaiah professed his desire to play the role recently. And at the rate comic book heroes are becoming graphic novels and then almost automatically box office disasters/mega-hits, it's a pretty good bet that this 70's blaxploitation afroed-gold tierra wearing super-dude will be funking up somebodies set soon.

Take a look at the making of & how rain drops got to falling where Luke's afro used to be after the jump.

In the creators own words:
"I have recently unearthed a stunningly inventive photograph taken by the dashing yet sensitive rogue,  Rian Flynn (.com) Through the use of technology not yet available in this temporal realm, we decrypted a photo from the future of Isaiah Mustafa taken exclusively for Marvel Comic's upcoming feature film masterpiece  "Luke Cage". I can't say whether or not this photo is an official Marvel release, but i can say its Officially AMAZING."

shout out to Rian Flynn!

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