Janet Jackson Blackglama Fur Campaign Slammed by PETA

Janet Jackson Blackglama Fur Campaign Slammed by PETA – Janet Jackson is the face of a new campaign for a fur company. She will likely come under fire for backing the company from animal interests groups, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Jackson from doing what she wants. She will be working with the company as a model and will be the biggest star for their new campaign.
The fur label, Blackglama, has been one of the most popular fur companies over the course of the last four decades. The company said that they were happy to have Jackson on board and were looking for more ways to incorporate her in the campaign.
“Janet is an icon in the world of music and entertainment, a true legend,” Blackglama CEO Joe Morelli told People magazine. “She represents everything that this storied campaign embodies. Janet is to entertainment what Blackglama is to luxury.”
There is no arguing that she does look great in the campaign. But is it worth coming under fire from PETA in order to appear in the ad. They regularly challenge stars who wear fur to campaign against the killing of animals, and have been known to take it as far as making threats against those who wear fur.
It will be interesting to see how the organization handles the matter, and whether or not they decide to speak out against Janet Jackson.

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