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We are proud to introduce COCO AND CRÈME! A sister site to CLUTCH, Coco & Crème is a new and exciting online editorial experience focusing exclusively on urban fashion and beauty. Filling the void for up-to-the-minute style dishes from the street to the red carpet, Coco & Crème offers the fashion obsessed an user-friendly interface with visually stunning layouts, and some of the Web’s dopest styling, and photography!
Coco & Crème promises daily fashion and beauty news, product reviews, designer and model profiles, weekly plus-size features, video how-tos, and more!
The Coco & Crème Team:
Deanna “Dede” J. Sutton
Geneva S. Thomas
Audra E. Lord
Chelsea Smith
Teneille Craig
Nikki J. Duckworth
  • Timeless beauty starts from within.
  • What we put in our body is just as important as what we put on it.
  • Makeup is an accessory – not a necessity. With or without, we’re gorgeous!
  • God gave us these natural kinky curls; we will learn to embrace and manage them.
  • HEALTHY hair is the only “Good Hair” we know.
  • A little pop of color never hurt anyone.
  • Trends are made solely to inspire; we will still hone our own personal style.
  • When all else fails – accessorize for your life!
  • We will learn to dress for our body types.
  • A flawless face, luxurious head of hair, and fab outfit can be achieved at any price point; budget beauty queens and bargainistas unite!
  • Beautiful people have beautiful personalities.

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