When is driving a compact sedan like riding around on a black man?

This is just wrong for so many reasons. But I will resist to rant. O.K. well maybe just a list of the stereotypical subliminal and surface imagery & infractions:
  1. Having nasty public sex on a brother's head is just wrong and did I mention nasty?
  2. The inferior black male concept
  3. Black people as animal 
  4. Black male as metaphorical machine or tool
  5. Servitude (indentured, enslaved or otherwise)
  6. Black people as inanimate object
  7. Strong black buck syndrome
  8. Black skin/culture/persona as standard or metaphor for cool (I still kinda like that one)
  9. Black person as a non thinker
  10. Black person as sexual object
  11. Did they get pulled over for just driving a black guy?
I think it's not that serious to the learned and/or evolved mind. But harmful to those who don't have the filters to see the racial stereotypes and subservient overtones in the ads. It's the preponderance of this type of subtle and not so subtle message that begin to tell an innocent or under developed mind things about their position, lot and suggested  predestined course in life.

Are their more? Have any ideas or thoughts about what I left out?

Comment and I'll post them here.
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