Sprite Slam Dunk Commercials

Very, very, nice. This campaign could easily feel dated, and it does walk that line, but it feels more classic to me. If you put a sports shoe super at the end or even an HBO slam contest logo a the end it would be totally acceptable and wouldn't feel the slightest bit out of place. That is to say it doesn't give Sprite much ownership aesthetically but the spots are strong and you do see a Sprite logo at the end, so it sorta works for Sprite. Paul Hunter is a sick director and he brings a heavy air of authenticity to the spots. I do remember that Sprite used this kind of hip-hop ambiance to wipe 7-up off the face of the map! But who exactly are they swinging at now? I guess they just want to maintain a little brain real estate.

Mookie N 'Nem say...

The Sprite campaign is coo. Paul Hunter did his part. He shot the hell out of it.

However, it's nothing new. Nike did street poetry for basketball. Mos Def did poetry for Converse. Even the NFL did poetry via Don Cheadle.

So while we want to really, really dig it, the creators have got to make like Avis and try harder, man.


BBH New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Roddy
Creative Directors: Matt Ian, Amee Shah
Art Director: Josh Rosen
Copywriter: Mark Svartz
Art Poetry: by T. Miller
All Star Poetry: by Jon Beavers
Head of Broadcast: Lisa Setten
Producer: Orlee Tatarka
Production Company: Pretty Bird
Director: Paul Hunter
Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff
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