State Farm: Cars

Craig says:
State Farm is extending it's boundaries a bit and changing the way they address the multicultural segment. Rides, Chariots, Whips, Low-lows, Cruisers or Bruisers, whatever you call them, State Farm is there to insure them. I'm glad to see it. I think in time they may really do more edgy work. These are expansive yet safe. I guess it is an insurance company so they can't go all out just yet, but this is an interesting first step.

Cred: Sanders Wingo

Thanks S S!!

Mookie n 'Nem say: 
Who's the marketing head and agency at State Farm who's got his/her finger on the new Young Urban America? I just thought State Farm's Jackson 5 "I'll Be There" spot was a fluke. But State Farm is showing more and more that they get it. This "Cars" spot demonstrates that State Farm understands that people who buy car insurance are not just white people. State Farm also demonstrates that ads with an Urban aesthetic - if executed properly - can appeal to more than just African-Americans. Who would have thought that a company like State Farm would be the first insurance company to be hip, cool and street, thereby appealing to younger Whites, Blacks, Latinos and Asians? What's America coming to? Trying to shed the old, and get down with the new!
My only nitpick is that State Farm should have gone all out with the music and hired a current hit music producer. Somebody that would have actually given peeps a track that they could have bumped in their cars, downloaded from iTunes (or State Farms' website) or was worthy of Kid Cudi spitting on in a mixtape. That way every time a potential customer heard it, he or she would think of State Farm car insurance, especially if that person was in his or her whip...or wagon.
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