Help haiti / ayuda a haití

Yéle Haití it’s a foundation created by Wyclef Jean on 2005.

This foundation Works for the development of Haiti in many ways (Sports, environment, health and education).

At this precise moment the foundation is dedicated to raise funds to collaborate the people of Haiti. 

Now more than words the people of Haiti need actions, they need that each one of us take awareness and decide to do something for them, just in the way each one of us can do it.
I am sure that in your country there are some people yet organized to help and surely they need a hand.

This poster is a free use image; you can use it for profit only if all the money goes to help Haiti.

  • What you can do with this poster.
  • Forward it to all your mail contacts and suggest them to help. 
  • Print it, put it at your window, car and office or at any place where it can generate awareness on the people that are not helping yet. 
  • Print it on t-shirts, caps, stickers or flags and trade them for a donation to Haiti. 
  • Share the image and create awareness. 
  • Just see the image and think in which way you can help Haiti 
In case that you need a hi resolution file of the image just contact me (Mani) at and I will send it.

Peace and hope for the Haiti people

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