Diehard: Battery Test

For those who do not know, the retail giant Sears has its own brand of automotive batteries, called Die Hard. The brand is famous and known worldwide for making crazy tests with their batteries, for example in 1975 when they parked a car on a freezing lake for 3 months to crank up (I study these things).
Well then, last year the guys could not be different come up with something new. Repeating bizarre tests, how to generate a mini concert with a personal favorite of mine, beatboxer / comedian Reggie Watts complete with lighting and sound, the brand guarantees that no other competitor can pass tests like these.

(Reg is looking a lil more homeless than usual these days, just sayin'. Put the brother in your commercial too)

Creation is the Y & R Chicago, with production by Smuggler and directed by Henry-Alex Rubin.
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