Behind the Scenes with Mickey D's, WordSpit, Joya Bravo, & Dollar Van Demos

I really like the commercial (not shown above). But the agency only put the 'making of' on youtube (no vimeo either?) and not the actual commercial, go figure. I still don't get why some Black - multicultural shops refuse to put their work out in a more relevant 20-10 sorta way. Is it that bad? Afraid of public opinion? Hey you got a lil heat here (and it's very cold outside) you might wanna really pump this sh*t! Whatever, this is a good spot and could go on to be a great campaign. The agency dips into the hot phenomenon of the "Dollar Van Demos" Which has been delighting me for a minute and brings you one of their most unique talents/discoveries Joya Bravo. She's not just your average, run of the mill sistah singer, shaved tight fade to one side, rapper, songwriter, with a violin. Nope, she delivers lovely by the sonata.

They tie it in nicely with her fun throwback style of innocuous hip-hop from the fun and sporty era of the genre. The combination is as tasty as hot fries and a chocolate shake. It would be nice to see the focus more on this rare talent. But I still hope to see more of this work. By see I mean chance upon it on my TV screen as opposed to finding it through KMBA's crack research team (Google), who by the way will not find a bonus in their checks for this episode of where's Waldo's ad campaign. This spot is really herd to find! However, please keep mining this kind of urban gold UniWorld Burrell and share it witchya boy when you get a chance. 'Sall about the love of the black ads here. And I'm kinda diggin' this one.

I think they want to drive people to the 365 Black site. Do people really hang out at corporate web sites? Maybe you're that dude/chick, see it here.
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