Who's Googling Who -or- Search for More Sorrow

So, I'm on the internets every spare moment between working and pretending to work, right. And I notice this meme of people getting funny results from Google's search suggestion auto-fill-in thinga-thang. After a few amusing moments of finding results like : cars are "coffins" and people are "like slinkies" oh, and Advertising is "good for society," LOL, Oh that silly ass Google.

You know I have to see what pre-programmed search induced algorithmic comedic genius the Google-nets have in store for searches dealing with people of color and race. I was to say the least, not very surprised. I did imagine more simple-minded yucks from the amalgam of search preferences. But, instead I got this crap. From both sides of the mud slinging fence. We are so f*cked.
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