GlobalHue awarded 'Multicultural Agency of the Decade' by Adweek magazine

(December 14, 2009)

GlobalHue, the nation's largest minority-owned, full-service marketing communications agency, has been honored by AdWeek as "Multicultural Agency of the Decade." The AdWeek award was announced by the publication today.

Among the reasons for the award, as identified by AdWeek, are GlobalHue's consistent growth over the 10-year period, the agency's leadership throughout this decade as the only multicultural agency to offer fully integrated communication services across the three main ethnic segments, and its visionary evolution beyond traditional multicultural marketing to a broader definition and competency for the increasingly diverse Total U.S. Market.

"GlobalHue was selected as our multicultural agency of the decade because of their intelligent use of research to shape the agency and thereby serve clients better," said Mike Chapman, editor, AdWeek. "With memorable creative, consistent client accolades and a truly multicultural approach, GlobalHue was the clear choice."

"We are honored to be recognized by AdWeek for the success of our investments in growing the breadth of services across the three main U.S. ethnic markets," said Don Coleman, founder and CEO of GlobalHue. "Looking ahead, our multicultural markets are of even greater relevance to marketers as the U.S. continues to be increasingly diverse in demography and culture."


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