African Diamond Council: Conflict Diamonds

This commercial is somewhat shocking but very well done. It was created by Y & R in South Africa for African Diamond Council, an organization that seeks to reveal the truth about the rare diamonds that came from Africa. Anyone who has watched the movie Blood Diamond (Blood Diamond) should already be up on the reality of Africa and the diamond business. It is a cruel market that is killing many Africans each year.

Young & Rubicam Cape Town, South Africa
Production Company: Blue Panther Films
Producer: Warren Meltz
Director: Grant De Sousa
Cinematographer: Roy Zetisky
Editor: Eben Smal - Priest
Soundtrack: Simon Malherbe
Creative Director: Clinton Bridgeford
Copywriters: Emily Veitch, Ismaeel Chetty, Deanne Longmore

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indigo. said...

This gave me chills. I've watched Blood Diamond and I can't remember if I cried or not, but knowing me I probably teared up like a baby.