Precious Plagiarism?

As Saphire's cum Lee Daniel's cum Tyler Perry's cum Oprah Winfrey's Precious movie climbs the box office charts more info comes to light about the origins about that most precious of poster designs. We all know that nothing is born in a vacuum, unless that vacuum happens to suck up a old quasi-famous designer's somewhat famous poster design and spits out a nearly concrete carbon copy. The above right image is from Lanny Sommese. This is his 1987 Rape Line poster. I guess inspiration is where you find and for most designer it's really about where you hide it. Because this is far from an occasional occurrence.

I found these images @ B. Caruthers' flickr page.

But the Tyler Perry marketing machine has a history of this.

(This image was plagiarized from monkeyartawards)
I'm one to talk; I once copied one of my own designs and sold it to a client who did the original version of it years prior. Take that T.P.
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