The Possibilities – Aunt Jemima And Uncle Remus As Super Heroes?

"Dinah is also known as Mammy or Mam-E. Dinah’s easy going servitude with her parental qualities are always at the service of the‘whyte chilluns’. She’s always there for moral support to the plantation owner. Dinah however stays at odds with her friend Uncle Remus, 'who bymby sneaks up to de kitchun fo' a lil taste of roast’n ears or de lickin’s of liquor in de pot left from chicken smuder’d in calamus root sawse’. Soon Dinah’s world would change. The world that she knows that submits to the laws of physics would be “latched on ta a whole new woild of hoodoo. Saturn hoodoo dat is.”

One evening, on his return from a taxing journey to deliver a slave child to a neighboring plantation, he retires to his quarters and falls into a deep depressive sleep. That night, the blackest of nights, unaware of his uninvited guest from Saturn named Emereciana, he becomes endowed with her cosmic essence. She placed on his finger a ring fashioned with Saturn technology that not only enhances his body with fantastic capabilities, but also awakens a dormant ancestral gene, creating an alter ego surfacing from beneath a suppressed consciousness. Creating “a Twoness. Two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.” The “Saturn Ring” or “Ring of Saturn” awakens that other self and empowers it to take over his surface conscious.

Emereciana, also known by her adopted Earth name Madam Ethiopia, is a native to the sixth planet Saturn out of the Bandung Dimension. Although Saturn may appear to us as barren and lifeless, this onlyappears so because each planet’s civilizations exists in other dimensions. Some planets are more advanced than others. Earth is the third most advanced planet in our solar system, second is Mars and first is Saturn.

By Tambay, on October 5th, 2009

Intriguing idea! I’d love to see these expanded into full-length graphic novels/comic books, and, dare I say, made into feature-length films!

Artist Dawolu Jabari Anderson, has taken old fictional, racist, stereotypical characters and turned them into weapon-wielding, powerful super heroes, all from his imaginary comic-book series titled Gullah Sci-Fi Mysteries.

The most prominent of the group is Mam-E, described as “a ferocious, headphones-wearing riff on the Aunt Jemima/Mammy stereotype.”

Uncle Tommed from: Shadow & Act

Stepped & Fetched from: Gullah Sci-Fi Mysteries
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