Levar Burton needs a free logo for his multi-million dollar project

In this free contest, your task is to design a logo for Burton/Wolfe Entertainment, a film and entertainment company (i.e. TV, film, internet, etc..). Burton/Wolfe Entertainment is a new, boutique Hollywood production company created by renowned Actor/Director LeVar Burton (of Star Trek and Reading Rainbow fame) and longtime Producer/Executive Mark Wolfe. The purpose of their company is to tell stories, and to do so via all entertainment media possible: Films, Television, Web Content, DVD and whatever platform tomorrow brings.

Their team is working with Worth1000 in order to seek the most innovative and talented artists to create their Company logo! Guidelines for what the logo should "say" comes directly from the company's two founders view on the fundamental purpose of media and the arts today.

You in? I still straddle the fence on spec work. But most often I avoid it like Obama debates at Klan rallies. Because in both cases you mostly loose  lose.  One lucky winner - out of maybe thousands of entries could win $500. All monies will be left on the nightstand. But if you so choose to just give it away here's a link to where you can bend it over.
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